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Another Strong Year for CORElaborate
Another Strong Year for CORElaborate

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Partnering with Paraeducators

@MrsCodorniz shares some tips and strategies for working in the classroom with paraeducators. #WATeachLead

notes from Equity Coalition Meeting

Understanding race and racism is not something that comes naturally to white people. And that is the point. In this post, one white teacher shares her journey toward understanding and acting against modern racism in and around her.


A career as a teacher presents an opportunity to do a boundary check: between you and your students, your colleagues, and your life.  How are your boundaries? @wishfischer @corelaboratewa #WATeachlead

Media Literacy is Power

Misinformation isn't new. How can we help students be well-informed citizens, able to tell real from fake? @earlyest shares some ideas @Corelaboratewa #WATeachLead #medialitwk

College building and campus with a title that reads Reflections on the 13th year

After watching the documentary, Personal Statement, at #WATeachLead EdCamp, @mmoser reflects on what it means for her as an educator and the larger community working with students on high school and beyond. #collegereadiness

Learning like a Champ

How do you inspire a championship mindset for learning?  Our students' hopes and dreams are built on the balance of excitement and challenge.