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PSESD Literacy Service

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Puget Sound Educational Service District’s English Language Arts Team is here to support local school districts in the implementation of the Washington State Learning Standards for ELA, resulting in increased student literacy achievement and the elimination of the opportunity gap.

ELA Newsletter

The English Language Arts Department publishes a monthly newsletter during the school year to keep you abreast of ELA best practices, research, curriculum and instruction, leadership equity, resources and happenings at Puget Sound ESD.  Additionally the newsletter provides resources and promotes statewide and regional upcoming opportunities. Click HERE to sign up for the ELA Newsletter.

District Literacy Leaders Network

  • Professional learning opportunities for cross-district collaboration
  • Learning about current evidence-based research and best instructional practices in English Language Arts instruction
  • Shared current state and federal initiatives and professional resources
  • Meetings are held 4 – 5 times throughout the school year
  • Participation is free and attending all meetings provides cohesive learning

District Literacy Leaders Meeting Materials

Washington State English Language Arts (ELA) Fellows

Fellows are teacher leaders committed to school districts either short or long-term to provide professional learning, coaching or technical support for literacy curriculum and instructional efforts

  • Fellow members learning is concentrated on Instructional Leadership Outcomes, Fundamentals of Learning Connection and Equity in Leadership
  • Building leadership skills, adult learning theory and content knowledge and expertise is embedded in each learning opportunity
  • Cadres of teacher leaders collaborate and sharpen their skills to lead ELA teaching and learning at the local level – district, classroom
  • Implementation of the WA State Learning Standards (CCSS), by focusing on the Writing shift in instructional practice to increase student learning during the 2015-2017 school years.
  • Meetings are held 4 – 5 times throughout the school year
  • One expectation of being a Fellow is to commit to attending all Convening sessions and collaborating with principal/district administrator to create, submit, and implement an Action Plan that will facilitate change throughout your school and/or district

ELA Fellows Materials

Customized Professional Development

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