Erin Lark Board

Secondary Science Teacher at Vancouver Public Schools

Erin is an NBCT teaching secondary science in Vancouver, WA. Currently at iTech Preparatory, her work centers on interdisciplinary PBL and mindfulness.Her dissertation focused on youth innovation skills and interests in STEM content and careers, and she continues to advocate for young innovators on the daily as a co-founder of WayfinderWA.


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Thank You for Reading

In this piece, @larkscience shares which phrase is heard most in her classroom, why, and how you can adopt a similar practice.  #wateachlead @CORElaboratewa

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Teachers are chefs of the classroom and assessments are more than just icing on the cake of learning.  In this post, @larkscience asks us to build our metaphorical culinary skillset #WAteachlead

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In this piece, @larkscience argues that strong science education for all is imperative for the future of our biosphere #wateachlead #scienceEd

Teach Science, Teach Literacy

If you teach science, you teach reading, writing, and communication.  Erin shares some tools to support that instruction.


So is it STEM or is it STEAM?

I’m not attempting a definitive answer.  Instead I have some arguments, messages about togetherness, and a hope you’ll throw in your two cents.

Eggs & Pan

When folks find out you are from Arizona, inevitably you will be asked whether one can, indeed, fry an egg on the sidewalk.*  You don’t need a full course of study to make this happen: merely some ingredients, a little science know-how, and a chance to apply your skills.

Student's Note

It never fails.  The last day of school I make it through the yearbook signing, the cleaning of a room that holds so many wonderful memories, and the all-school assembly to recap the year.

Erlenmeyer Flasks

A beloved volleyball coach and mentor used to say, “when you get down the stream, the view is different.”  His reference to looking back at a game performance for strategy analysis is important this spring as educators across our state administer new state science assessments.