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Al Fischer is originally from Michigan and achieved his B.M. in Vocal Music Education from Wayne State University.Then he spent 0% of his time teaching, devoting a couple of decades to musical theater work.Then he spent 50% of his time teaching in St. Louis Missouri, filling out the rest of his time playing piano in a synagogue, directing choir in churches, and serving as artistic director for the Gateway Men's Chorus, St. Louis' gay men's group.Now he spends 100% of his time teaching in the Yakima School District and is proud to be a brand new National Board Certified Teacher.


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At our school we encourage kids to have Fewer Than Five absences for the year.  Attendance counts!  This is how and why we do it.  @WishFischer #WATeachLead

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As a gay man in a new world of gender identity awareness, I think I have something of value to offer my students.  I am committed to being an excellent role model for the kids… but there’s a wrinkle. In order for me to be a positive gay male example, the kids need to know I’m gay.

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How do I know I have something worthwhile to say? Writing a blog can feel like declaring yourself the authority on something, having the audacity to believe yourself in possession of vital insights.  How can I sit here and write for CORElaborate, thinking people need to hear what I have to say?