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College building and campus with a title that reads Reflections on the 13th year

After watching the documentary, Personal Statement, at #WATeachLead EdCamp, @mmoser reflects on what it means for her as an educator and the larger community working with students on high school and beyond. #collegereadiness

Learning like a Champ

How do you inspire a championship mindset for learning?  Our students' hopes and dreams are built on the balance of excitement and challenge.

Cabinets with Camp Career posters designating different job

Take a look at how @smore2ndgrade builds student responsibility, keeps her classroom running smoothly and throws in some career readiness too! 

Thank You for Reading

In this piece, @larkscience shares which phrase is heard most in her classroom, why, and how you can adopt a similar practice.  #wateachlead @CORElaboratewa

Teach Like a Trainer

Classrooms aren't the only places you can find great teachers. @AnjuliJohnston shares how some of her best teaching moves were reinforced during fitness classes. #WATeachLead

Breaking Down Accommodations

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are filled with important information. @MrsCodorniz looks at some common accommodations listed in IEPs that help students have success in the classroom. #WATeachLead @CORElaboratewa